Hello and welcome! March 01 2014

March is officially the start of spring and with it comes the birth and blossom of fresh new things, so when better to launch our new project than this month.

Hello and welcome! / Hej och väkommen!

We are a husband and wife team. One grew up in London, the other in the mid-north forests of Sweden. Together we form a great partnership, drawing upon our backgrounds, experiences and passions to create our new venture; Pedal + Tread.

Inspired by the fun of pedalling bikes, the adventure of treading light and the Scandinavian word; friluftsliv, meaning to be outdoors and connected with nature in an uncomplicated way, Pedal + Tread is our little online shop based in London that brings together an assortment of considered essentials perfect for outdoor living, or as we prefer to say; fresh air living.

The idea behind Pedal + Tread really took shape during our round-the-world trip last year, especially as we travelled around New Zealand with our bikes in a make-shift little camper van. By living outside everyday, we started to embrace friluftsliv and learn what essentials were needed to help enjoy it more. Some of these we had taken with us, others we found along the way. This experience led us to think about the need for a shop that brings together all these essentials (and those we still seek out today), in one easy to find and inspiring place.

Now back home in London, starting Pedal + Tread feels even more relevant to us and needed for others.

We work with independent makers and craftspeople predominately from Scandinavia and the UK, to carefully select items that are made with care, have real purpose and a genuine sense of value - and not just in monetary terms. You will not find items on Pedal + Tread that we wouldn’t use ourselves.

So whether you live deep in the forest, by the coast, high in the mountains or amongst the urban sprawl, we aim to provide you with the considered essentials to get out there, explore the horizon and enjoy more fresh air living. 

Thanks for visiting us and we hope you like our shop. / Tack så mycket.

Pedal + Tread - providing considered essentials for fresh air living.