Introducing: Wildo March 02 2014

Wildo is a family run business from Borås, Sweden, started by Jan Anderson, a former advisor to the Swedish Military in advanced outdoor survival. 

Simple, functional and durable – that’s what is required from a great outdoor product according to Jan. And nothing ticks all those boxes more than their most iconic product; the Fold-a-cup. As the name suggests, this unique designed plastic cup neatly folds up, so it can easily be stowed away in a bag or jacket pocket and carried comfortably whilst outdoors exploring, making it one of our favourite outdoor essentials by far.

Wildo make all their products in Sweden and are constantly looking for the best materials and manufacturing methods available. And of course all products are BPA-free, making them safer for you and the planet. Wildo also share our beliefs that everyone needs more nature, everywhere and anywhere. More fresh air living!

So what’s not to love about Wildo?