Introducing: Skandinavisk Hemslöjd March 09 2014

Skandinavisk Hemslöjd was originally named Hantverksboden and first started back in 1995 by Ulla Persson and Anna Linderholm, two artists who had a studio and small shop on Rörstrandsgatan in Stockholm, where they made and sold their wooden and textile products. They soon ran out of space and moved the business to Rönninge, south of Stockholm. In 2009 their business expanded when they acquired Skandinavisk Hemslöjd and continued trading under that name.

Today Skandinavisk Hemsljöd offers a wide range of traditional Scandinavian handmade textile and juniper wood products, such as butter knives, cups and other utensils, made for them by craftsmen throughout the Nordic region.

Ulla and Anna still run the business and work closely with the chosen craftsmen, designing new products together and priding themselves on their quality. Their aim is to not only offer beautifully hand crafted products, but also to nourish the old traditional way of handi crafts, to ensure it’s practice is passed down the generations and not forgotten or lost. Something we share as being important too.