Introducing: Klean Kanteen May 05 2014

Back in 2002 Robert Seals started putting together the first prototype of what was to become the Klean Kanteen bottle we know today, from materials he bought at the local hardware store in Chico, California. In 2004 he introduced the 800ml Klean Kanteen to the market and gave people a safe, healthy, reusable bottle free from Bisphenol A (BPA) and other toxic substances.

Robert passed on Klean Kanteen to the Cresswell family in 2005 and they have since continued to improve and expand the brand and its products and to promote and encourage health, sustainability and environmental awareness.

Why Klean Kanteen?

We believe they offer the best bottle on the market, because it’s stainless steel and not a lined aluminium bottle, it is completely safe, and it will not retain or impact any flavours, no matter what you put in it. It’s highly durable; our first bottle travelled with us around the world and has been dropped, thrown around, dented and scuffed, adding character for sure, but more importantly is still intact and functions perfectly. 

Most importantly; refilling and reusing your Klean Kanteen, instead of buying single-use keeps thousands of bottles, cups and other items from entering our waste stream, waterways and oceans. It also means, no more wasting your pocket change on buying bottled water.

Klean Kanteen are an inspiring company, designing and making quality products as well as working towards a better world by changing the way people think and drink.

Read more about Klean Kanteen and their continuous mission on their website:

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