Introducing: King Cage July 19 2014

While working at One Off Titanium in the early 90’s, a customer asked Ron Andrews if he could get a water bottle cage made from titanium. Ron gave it a go and has been making them ever since under the name King Cage.

Today King Cage provides a range of titanium and stainless steel water bottle cages, including a unique design that specifically fits Klean Kanteen 800ml bottles, allowing you to carry greater volumes of fresh tasting water on those longer, more adventurous rides.

Ron still makes all his products in his garage in Durango, Colorado, and sources all raw materials from the USA. His hand made approach ensures that King Cage cages are of the highest quality and only available in limited batches. They will not leave any marks on your water bottle or your frame, and are super strong, durable and lightweight, making them the cage of choice for any type of bicycle.

You will find both stainless steel cage designs available now at our shop.