Introducing: Hestra November 06 2014

We are incredibly excited to introduce Hestra to Pedal + Tread this Autumn/Winter.

Hestra is a family run company, into their third and fourth generation. Martin Magnusson moved to the village of Hestra, in south Sweden, with his family in 1935. One year later he started his own business, making and selling gloves for local lumber jacks and farmers. The first pair of gloves was made from hardwearing goat leather with warm wool on the back of the hand. The same year a new slalom slope was built in the village. Tourists came from miles away to ski. It soon dawned on Martin to begin providing gloves for skiers too.

Since then the company has continued to grow, develop and make gloves of the highest quality. The forests, rivers and mountains around Hestra are still their natural inspiration. It's where they find many of their favourite materials, like the durable leathers and warming wool. But they are always careful and mindful in the management of the assets nature offers us. In that way, even future generations can enjoy the fresh air and clean water in their surroundings too.

Today Hestra can be found around the world and have more than 300 models for sport, lifestyle and outdoors, and is run by the third and fourth generation Magnusson's. With two of the fourth generation, Anton and Niklas having learned the craft of glove making, and are the only certified glove cutters in Sweden. In order to manage the entire production chain, Hestra sources all their own materials and own their factories.

We stock models from the Sport Classic collection. The biggest source of inspiration for this line is nature - the wild and unrestrained characterises both design and the selection of materials. Typical choices are elk leather from Sweden and Finland and North American deerskin, lined with warm wool or lambskin. 

Head over to our softgoods department to view the Hestra collection.