Introducing: Cereal Magazine Volume 08 January 18 2015

We’re pleased to introduce Cereal magazine to Pedal and Tread.

Founded in 2012 by Rose Park and Rich Stapleton, Cereal is a quarterly travel and lifestyle magazine based in Bristol, England.

Acting as a unique travel guide, Cereal uses insightful writing, beautiful photography and clean design to explore places and cultures around the world.

Each volume contains detailed expositions of food, travel destinations, as well as profiles on products, people and places. Each chosen topic is treated as a chapter, often featuring various articles within it. This allows the subject to be explored in depth, giving it the attention and focus it deserves.

Printed in the UK by Taylor Brothers, Cereal has been created with the goal of making a quality, collectable product for readers who value print and the tactile experience that comes with it. This is clear to see from the choice to go with thicker gsm paper stock in a matt finish for both the inside pages and the cover as it gives the magazine a lovely hand feel.

Overall Cereal magazine brings its minimal calm to every destination it lands in.

We've shared below some stunning imagery taken from our favourite article in the latest volume about Kluane National Park in Yukon, Canada.

Photo credit: Kate Holstein


Cereal magazine Volume 08 is available now here.